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Beyond Ashwaghanda - A Webcast With KP Khalsa

As Ayurveda has grown in America in the last few years, many people have developed an acquaintance with basic Ayurvedic concepts, and are comfortable viewing health through the lens of the three doshas. Many have mastered a few basic Ayurvedic herbs. Now it's time to take the next step.

This exciting webinar focuses on Ayurveda remedies beyond basic herbs. We will review the next step in Ayurvedic herbal principles and look at some new twists on the basics. We will have an informative discussion of some valuable additional remedies beyond the usual Ashwaganda, Shatavari and Triphala. We will have a chance to cover some interesting less familiar non-herbal healing practices.

We have made sure his intermediate level material is suitable for beginners, too. Everyone can leave with techniques to use the next day.

This webinar was presented in conjunction with Floracopeia and the American Herbalist Guild.