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Over the years we have received heart warming responses to many of the courses and classes offered by the IIEI, these include the Professional Herbalist Courses, the Advanced Professional Herbal Skills Course, and our webinars and introductory classes.

Professional Herbalist Courses

Thank you for your course and stretching our thinking! Course was a 10 out of 10! I filled out the evaluation and wrote specific positive comments there. The exam went well. Thank you for the unlimited time as it takes time to find the specific information. Only question I was confused on for future test takers was the wording of question 6: practitioner vs. non-practitioner as in your slides you say doctor and practitioner.

Separately, could you next quarter talk to us about vitamins and minerals. I have types from Dr. Lad but need to match specific products and you recommend moderate cost ones which is good. I just purchased Garden of Life and they seem okay except for tomato part in one. I used to take New Chapter but it has been purchased by Proctor & Gamble and their products have changed so looking at other alternatives.

We have this issue come up at the clinic so I am also going to ask second years when they get back from India. I think they recommend Emerson Lab vitamins and minerals.

Thanks again for the great class!

Carroll Bottum

We (Annie, Max, Alex & myself) had a wonderful last class (Module 6) - Gwen is an outstanding teacher and it was a pleasure to interact with her again. I am so thankful to you for offering your Herbal classes as they have changed my life, truly. This knowledge is so important for the health of the Planet and I feel inspired and motivated to share it with others to create the change that is so desperately needed:) Thank you, again for the Knowledge, Inspiration and Confidence.
-- Melanie Smith

I personally am so grateful for all of the knowledge you shared over the two years I studied with you, I feel that it truly prepared me for the path that I am on now.
-- Amanda Mayther

KP’s understanding of the modern human condition and strategies to heal are profound. He seamlessly combines his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and modern medicine with his vast wisdom of herbalism, nutrition and the ancient healing arts. He is a living encyclopedia of natural medicine with his finger on the pulse of modern scientific research. It is rare to find a teacher who shares their clinical insights in the way that KP does—with such generosity, practicality, intelligence and humor. The gems I have learned from his classes, books, lectures and articles would have taken me years and years of clinical practice to discover on my own. I feel truly blessed to have access to a practitioner with his level of experience, as working with KP has given me new levels of confidence and competence. If you are like me, and seek to move beyond theory and get some real world, practical and profound clinical training, then look no further than the master Karta Purkh Khalsa!
- Mary-Alice

"I have the pleasure to be presently taking a class from Mr. Khalsa for certification as an herbalist. While his lectures are grounded in his extensive clinical background, I find his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and current research to be superb. My experience with Mr. Khalsa over the last six months has been nothing short of very exciting for me."
-- Jim Perry, MSN, ARNP

"This is a highly informative and educational course. The students gain not only expertise, but also confidence and experience in the proper use of medicinal herbs. By the end of the three quarter course, the students are qualified to open a professional practice, teach, consult, or work in other fields related to herbal medicine."
-- Sandra Buskirk

"This is an excellent and well organized program. Mr. Khalsa demonstrates depth in his knowledge of herbs and alternative medicines. The content of the course is appropriate to either lay persons or experienced medical clinicians as myself. His teaching skills are superb, in fact I would recommend him to teach nursing and medical students. I have been able to incorporate the use of herbal medicines into my regular clinical practice, when appropriate, as a result of this course."
-- David Overton, PA-C, RN

"I loved the different instructors and different professional points of view by people working in the field."
-- Catharine Walkinshaw

"I am very impressed, I came into the course somewhat skeptical, looking for something to use with herbs. Thank you to all for the great effort with putting all this together, it is greatly appreciated."
-- Suyanne Martin

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed studying with you and how much I am looking forward to our 2nd year. You are an amazing teacher and your experience and comfort with your subject matter is inspirational. Thank you for being our teacher and sharing your knowledge with us. It is greatly appreciated!!"
-- Eleni Tsikrikas

"The professional herbalist certificate program is an excellent way to enhance a person's quality of life, and/or use as a springboard to begin a profession in herbal medicine. The information given during the nine month training course is unquestionably the most intense and exciting I have ever had the pleasure to take."
-- Sheila R. Rodriguez

Advanced Professional Herbal Skills

You are truly an amazing human and unequivocally my favorite professor. You have greatly influenced my life beyond measure. Thank you!

Bastyr Masters Student

My education, academically and spiritually are most influenced by you. In many ways you are my "Guru" teacher. Your teachings, precense and energy during class and in my everyday life are immensly appreciated. I hope to conitnue this journey of learing with you.

Bastyr Masters Student

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with all of us. Thank you for encouraging us in pursuing our own Ayurvedic paths. You have been incredibly inspiring to me.

Student from Bastyr Master Program

Working with KP was truly the pivotal course in my path in holistic nutrition and herbalism. His course allowed me to take all of my education and bridge that knowledge with hands-on clinical work with class. His course gave me such confidence that after the first weekend I was out getting clients! Furthermore, there is no way I would have been prepared for the American Herbalist Guild Registered Herbalist application without his clinical course. The course not only prepared me to be able to complete the application confidently and with skill, but without this course I would have been completely lost and overwhelmed (and most assuredly unsuccessful!). I really appreciate KP and the other teachers taking the time to adequately train competent clinical herbalists and nutritionists. I will mirror the structure of this course in any training I do with my own students.

Dr. Lori Valentine Rose (PhD), Certified Nutrition Professional (CNP), Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition Hill College Life Sciences Instructor

"I can say without hesitation that the quality of mentorship and guidance through learning proper clinical procedures and the inherent experience gained by; learning to take a client through intake, diagnostic staffing and structure of gaining agreement to, implementation of, and clinical follow-through of protocol was an extremely valuable experience. It has brought "real life" and "confidence" to my becoming a clinical medical herbalist.

I would never have achieved my demonstrated level of herbal medicine confidence and competence, without having attended the KP's clinical herbalism course. So I very highly recommend, as of the most critical importance for a fundamental understanding of clinical herbalism, the clinical herbalist course."
-- Warren Gohl, MA

"I had taken a couple classes from KP at conferences and was impressed with his teaching style and experience. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant to take the class because I live far from Seattle (it was a 10 hour round trip drive) but after only one day in the class with KP I knew I had made the right decision.

It's easy to go to an herbal school these days where it is often taught, for example, that burdock is good for acne. But if someone is wanting to go into clinical practice, the herb or formula is only a small piece of the entire puzzle. Patient compliance, constitution, ethics, dosages, duration, contra-indications, expectations, patient-client relationship, maintaining an herbal apothecary, etc is really the heart of clinical herbalism. All of these topics and more are thoroughly covered in this course. Every day of that class I left with my head buzzing with critical clinical information.

KP is one of the most experienced herbalists of our time and learning from his lifetime of knowledge is a rare treat. Classes are well organized, contain an excellent balance of lecture vs. discussion and there is a plethora of valuable class handouts that I continue to reference two years later. I was continually impressed that while KP offered a lot of excellent information he also asked provocative questions that drew out critical thinking and advanced discussions. I recommend this course to anyone wishing to be a practicing herbalist."
-- Rosalee de la Forȇt, Methow Valley Herbs

"Wow, it was very interesting to see the variety of different problems. There were great suggestions for handling issues around money, and socially appropriate behavior with clients. Also of value were the good suggestions on staffing a dispensary, dealing with product inventory, and identifying and working with a small number of herbs. I really enjoyed the experience."
-- Leyla Al-Rahmeh

"The best parts of the program for me were the hands-on approach, the instructor input on each case and the different perspectives from each teacher."
-- Melissa Yaden, NW Healing Tree

"I really liked the variety of insight given from teachers, and classmates. Another thing I liked about the program was the cooperative model used to in planning treatments. Finally, it really helped to see everyday patients with a wide array of health issues and the therapeutic possibilities available to help them."
-- Sarah Bauman

“This course gave me a great sense of confidence and security in using my herbal knowledge within a clinical setting. Now that the program is finished, I feel very motivated. This course gave us an incredible opportunity to have the chance to “pick the brain” of multiple clinical herbalist (teachers) and hear from them what they have learned from the experience of practicing.

We also learned so many skills to increase our knowledge, and enjoyed multiple perspectives from classmates and teachers. What a unique opportunity to have clients while receiving guidance from well-practiced, inspiring herbalists.”
-- Siri Baldeep Kaur

Webinars & Introductory Classes

Thank you so much for yet another wonderful class. Your teaching style is so compatible with my learning style that all the material just soaks right in. I absolutely adore the visuals on the slides. They really bring an extra dimension to the presentation, although the kitchari and any trinity root food graphic was making me ravenous. One of my first favorite foods as a kid was onions.

I look forward to taking more classes. I am currently enrolled in yoga therapy training and I hope that once that is funded I can pursue additional studies in ayurveda.

Many blessings to you, honey in the heart, 13 thank yous,

Tressa Krenzer

Hi KP,

I am so grateful for the Summer Business Module. The ideas are great reminders of what I’ve learned previously. I have had a bit of an overlap with the Practicum at Traditions Herbal School. We are working at making a different arrangement so that I can be in a live class with you.

I’m loving this education and have been a bit terrified about the idea of having to speak in front of crowds of people. We know what happens in the HPT-A and kind forgot what I knew. Thank you,

With Peace and Gratitude,


KP with over forty years of clinical experience, is a well spring of wisdom and knowledge integrating the natural healing systems of Ayurveda, TCM and the West.

Both the Holistic Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Herbalism classes have gone beyond my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed every course so far. Every class is chock full of interesting, useful information, backed up with research and KP’s personal experiences as well. The presentations themselves are visually impressive too with stunning photos and clear succinct information, not to mention KP’s personal stories and anecdotes. KP is extremely generous with providing all class notes, pdf.’s and any extra related information as well. Prior to taking courses with KP, I had completed my Ayurveda Practitioner academic training, but in the short time that I have been taking classes with KP, he has given me confidence and taken my knowledge to a whole new level. I feel very fortunate to have found KP and his courses!

All in all, just amazing !


Tamara Anguiano

Dr Khalsa,

I have been working through your power points and lectures and I want you to know that I absolutely love the topic and your presentation of it.

I know you have had some major losses in your life this year and although I have not reached out to you, I have been sending you positive energy all along.

I also know that our class is probably a nightmare to teach to (some are a a definite challenge to be in class with), but I want you to know that there are several of us who really enjoy your teaching, your sense of humor, and look forward to your classes.

Hope we see more of you in future classes.


Hi KP,
Can you suggest or recommend any good books on just Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis for reference.
Also I would like to thank you for teaching us clinical Face reading in the course as well as your webinar on face reading which I attended in past. It's fascinating to use that in daily practice and it's becoming extremely helpful to me. Off course I have a long way to go, I have just started using that in my clinical evaluations.
Hope to get your guidance in future too. Can't wait for the advanced class.
Thanks for everything you taught us and I truly bow to you as my Guru In this field.

"Hi KP I was just listening to your podcast on the Plant Summit. Very interesting thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

KP can you remind me what 'R' & 'I' represent in your mnemonic THRIVE. Thank you so much"

I've really enjoyed the class!

Not sure if you'd be allowed to blow attached up and use the people in it. I am actually one of them. I do not like my photo and took better ones of myself after the make up.

Still in case you can utilize it safely? Wonder if we all look like do-gooders. I have to watch all the tapes again as none of this comes easily to me.

I also had teeth removed because when I got my braces that was the movement at the time when done. I did not want them taken but that's the LSS. So wonder how that would affect a reading. I also have a very asymmetrical lower face. I still think a lot of it is heredity.

Was there anything on nose profile shapes or bumps? I know you mentioned Danny B and bigger noses, anything more than that?

My nephew was born premature and sometimes I've been able to tell a person was also born that way by how long and flat sided there heads are. Does that appearance mean something? You said there are no books on this method, are there any on others you also think would complement this?

I thought the Asian cop may have the a little bit of Sanpaku eyes when I watched the video of him.

I know you via Arbor Vitae. I nearly went to the Community Class last week so I could ask a you about this class but we were having a big work event the next day. I do not work in the alternative health field. As well as I did want to learn about your beauty recommendations.

Lastly thank YOU! I do ok socially but I have felt my whole life that there is a Secret Book with rules that I do not have the inside access to. I've even said so on occasion. When you said that my mouth dropped.

Always enjoy your classes.

Sincere Regards,
Deanne (D3)

I found the face reading course very interesting and helpful, glad I signed up for it. I look at people differently now, it also improved my understanding of their problems

and possible solutions for them.

thank you


Thank you for doing the face reading classes. I have learned much from it and find myself looking at people much more closely. I believe its time to absorb the work so I will become more proficient. In a few months it would be nice to pick up and keep moving forward since you have more info on the topic.

I’ve had some trouble identifying myself, but today at least one aspect of me came to light. I’m a bit geeky on multiple levels including fashion J I’m also more intelligent than my adoptive parents gave me credit for being. To make it worse, I went into a profession that supports and demands more education and perfection. I ask someone once what am I to do once I’ve earned a PhD and they just looked at me like what are you talking about. There’s no further education past the PhD except to earn more PhDs—not for me.

Crowds terrify me, standing in front of an audience terrifies me, but I can do it and I can become somewhat comfortable with it. I’ve got stuff to overcome and I’ve been looking for ways to pull myself out of behaviors that done serve me well. This is a good way for me to learn who I am better than I do. Self-awareness allows us to heal our own issues. if I can help myself then I can help others become more the person that they want to be. This is a counseling skill that is within my scope of practice so if I have the skills I can help others reach more life satisfaction. That’s what I want out of life—to make the world a better place to live in and help other’s achieve more life satisfaction and joy.

Thanks again,


"The acne seminar was fantastic! I am a 31 year old female who was on birth control for 14 years to combat acne."

Kim N

"I wanted to thank you for your very informative webinar. I just had my dental check-up & for the first time ever, my gums looked really healthy without any bleeding! My dentist was so impressed with the change in my gums & wanted to know what I have been using; I shared the names of the Auromere toothpaste & mouthhrinse with her. I cannot believe what a differnce these products have made. I am also using the probiotic orally, as you suggested. Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions!"
-- Louise H.

"I just finished listening to your Successful Practice webinar and it was fantastic -- so informative and helpful. I appreciate all the insider, real world information. My training from California College of Ayurveda was very good, however it did not cover the nuts and bolts of running a business. The Garr Reynolds material was especially useful. I am feeling much more confident about diving into my own practice."
-- Jane DeLong, MSW AHP

"I am writing to express to you how much I appreciated your instruction this past term in Bot Med III. You speak modestly but with authority, from experience, and you shared with us the quintessence of a life in healing. Especially your materials, which were always posted on Moodle on time, respecting us students by the materials' admirable organization and layout, that accomplished communication and not simply rote exposition."
-- Carmen Ionescu

I thought it was an amazing class. I am very impressed with K.P.'s wealth of knowledge and experience. I think interactions like this is also very valuable for people like myself who are not professionals but have been trying very hard to self heal. It gave me a hope that I still have a chance :) I'm looking forward to the gourmet herb webinar he mentioned.
- Shizuko

Just wanted to thank you again for the business webinar series (and others you’ve done). I’ve spent 30 years helping businesses with profitability, processes and procedures, mergers, etc., but it is always valuable to get back to basics, especially for “natural wellness” type businesses.

-- Ricci Ackerman

Sadly I wasn't able to join on the day, but have just finished listening to the webinar and it was amazing and wonderful with lots of information and easy to follow solutions and ideas. I loved it and could listen to it again and again because with so much information, you can always pick up a tidbit of something when you watch and listen again. Thank you for including me.
-- Francine Gough

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the monthly case review meetings. They are very helpful and a wonderful learning opportunity.
- Mary Anne

I am always saddened to hear when a fellow Bastyr student goes through 4-5 years of school without knowing you. You have truly been one of the best parts of my education all around. Thank you for everything you did to walk us through this journey that has just begun.
-- Emily

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Ashwaganda webinar (I am almost done). I have learnt so much already in this short hour that I never knew, mostly about dosage. It has really opened my eyes to what I can give clients.

This knowledge is so valuable and thank you for offering it to all of us. I sent the webinar to all my Ayurvedic friends encouraging them to watch it. Thank you again and I hope you are happy and well."
-- Blessings, HS

"I am a long time student of classical Chinese medicine as it applies to nutrition, and new to herbal healing. While I have read and received basic instruction in the principles of Ayurveda, I feel that your talk has vastly increased my understanding of the applications of Ayurvedic herbalism, as only direct instruction from a superb teacher and practitioner can offer. The detailed description of the three fruits of Triphala alone was illuminating! I look forward to perusing your slideshow again with attention to detail.

Thank you for the work you offer to the world, and I hope I may benefit from your teachings in the future as many others have."
-- Mojohito Richerson von Tchudi

"I loved this project and the class. It has introduced me to a new way of using herbs to obtain maximum health and well being."
-- Bertha Marselis

"Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the home course on Ayurveda that KP taught through Floracopeia. I'm looking forward to the nutrition course through PCC. Great information and very useful. I've made some changes in my own life and am starting to see result already. Some of my clients are also benefitting. Many thanks for all the great teaching!"
-- Cheryl Ann Hannah, CKP

Nutritional Therapy Program

I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoying the Nutritional Therapy classes. I wish I could be there for the live webinars, but, among other reasons, it's simply more effective time-wise if I watch the replays. I like to start and stop the video continually so I can take notes.

Thank you for being so clear with the Chinese Medicine unit. I have had such a hard time understanding it in the past, but your teaching makes sense!

Thank you!

Dana Dryg

Thank you for the support you’ve given me in my personal and professional journey. I have a bit of an adventurous nature when it comes to nutrition. My biggest frustration is the lack of variety in the groceries. Some staples are necessary but vie la deference, with out it life would be boring. Different cultures and different foods—nice.

My sincerest thanks,


I wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful for this course and all of the priceless information you are sharing with us. I feel like it’s the nutrition course I have been waiting for my entire adult life and I can’t thank you enough. I spend probably 5 hours for re-listening to your lectures to take notes and I am blown away with how much insight is sometimes in just a few sentences that you share.

Thank you,


"I am completing my final session of Nutritional Therapy and have previously completed two years of Herbalism study receiving Advanced Herbalism Certification through PCC. I have found these classes to be informative and a solid foundation of Ayurveda and TCM health approach. Especially helpful has been learning basic concepts of herbal energetics and considerations of personal energetics. I have appreciated your approach in sharing personal experience in the real-life world of Herbal and Nutritional Medicine. I have also personally experienced many great benefits enhancing my personal health with your suggestions. I am looking forward to ongoing learning in the herbal and natural health field and transforming my vocation allowing me to share this knowledge with others and participate in the opportunities in the natural health field now beckoning me to join.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience , and being open to do so through online technology, which made the classes practical for me. I look forward to meeting you at some point as I participate in a Nutritional Conference and/or an Herbal Symposium."
-- Terri

I wanted to quickly thank you for these courses. I've enjoyed them tremendously. It's such a blessing to be able to continue to learn and do so within the restrictions of my schedule.
- Nichole Paquet

The Nutritional Therapy Program has been transformative and exceeded my expectations, thank you so much!
-- April Waters

"I have appreciated so much how open KP has been verbally about people asking their questions and participating in the classes. I have learned so much by the questions people have asked, things I hadn't even thought about and then hearing what KP has had to say in response has been really helpful! Also when KP asks particular questions, it has been helpful to hear some of his examples. It sparks my thoughts and has me thinking about other examples as well. Sometimes I'm so brain dead by the end of the day, that hear examples is just the tool I need to think about the concepts differently.

I have also appreciated how KP has walked students through the answer to particular questions, such as where they can find certain materials. He did this for me at one time and it was so helpful. Learning how to use a new software can be difficult for some students and when KP took the extra minute to walk me through the answer to my question, I think that helped other new student familiarize themselves to the different pages and resources available to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I have really appreciated your time and helpfulness."
-- Lori Wells