Natural Healing Master Class June 2017 | International Integrative Educational Institute

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Natural Healing Master Class June 2017

Join K.P. Khalsa for a special Natural Healing Master Class.

The monthly master class is in the style of a post-graduate seminar. Topics will be practical, and will always include practice suggestions, from clinical applications to practice management.

Topics for June include deep studies of:

  • Arterial plaque
  • Yin deficiency
  • Chinese concepts of stagnation of liver, cold, phlegm, blood
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Advanced study of selected materia medica

By attending the Natural Healing Master Class, you will refine your practice skills and:

  • Understand the mechanisms of specific diseases and conditions
  • Recognize and assess common health conditions
  • Identify the primary factors causing these health disorders
  • Review the latest research and emerging theories in integrative medicine
  • Gain exposure to effective clinical care strategies and holistic health tools
  • Discuss client case studies with K.P. and your peers

We will explore innovative, clinically effective, cutting edge treatments, and new uses and doses for natural remedies.

This cours is a professional-level roundtable discussions with accomplished colleagues. Professionals and students at any level are welcome. This is a high level class for those who expect to excel in practice.

Each month a new topic is introduced to further the educational goals and practical knowledge of all attendees. Join other practitioners and serious students and benefit from K.P.'s clinical expertise and more than 40 years experience in integrative health care.