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Kitchen Table Medicine: Culinary Cures for Life's Everyday Health Problems (Six Part Series)

We’ve all heard we should let our food be our medicine, but it sure seems a lot more complicated than it should be. The secret to every ancient healing science is combining food and herbs. Herbs are food. Food is medicine.

Grandmas the world over have been keeping families healthy by combining herbs and food to stay healthy, and, if problems still arise, using safe kitchen herbs to bring the clan back to health.

Combining food and herbs is the core of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Western naturopathy.

Have you already studied kitchen herbalism? Maybe with KP Khalsa. He has taught several series on using herbs in food for health, stamina and mood. Those recorded courses are great, still relevant and still available. This new course is all new material. Learn kitchen healing, international style.

Join us for this great course and learn from the best and cook up some healing food the very next day!

Each 90 minute class will be presented as narrated slides with class discussion. For each topic, we will discuss healing with therapeutic foods, using herbs as foods and using healing herbs in foods. Class focus will be on getting healing herbs back onto the kitchen table and into tasty recipes.

Topics Covered in Kitchen Table Medicine

Week 1 - Herbs as food. Basic herb recipes and preparation

Week 2 - Detox and Tonics

Week 3 - Immune and Anti-aging

Week 4 - Skin & Beauty and the Digestion Link

Week 5 - Respiratory and Cardiovascular

Week 6 - Joint Health and Reproductive

Class will include many recipes and extensive handouts.