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Herbs for Your Pet

Pets are an important part of many peoples lives – bringing companionship, friendship and lots of laughs (depending on your pet :-). But when our friend gets sick, its certainly no fun for them and leaves us wondering what we can do to help them. Fortunately, with a little understanding, herbs can be a pet friendly way to get your pet feeling better and staying that way.

Join us for a 90 minute webinar with K.P. Khalsa, that will keep your pet healthy using herbs and nutrition easily, safely and cost effectively. You will discover how to focus on the specific health needs and nuances your pet, so you can give your friend the best herbs in the right amount.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The safest, the most beneficial herbs for your pet
  • How to get your pet to eat the herbs
  • What are the best herbs for your pet?
  • How long should you give them herbs?