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Herbal Training Basics - Five Part Course

Have you wanted to know more about herbal medicine for yourself and your family? Not quite ready for, or need, a full blown professional course? Then Herbal Training Basics Course is for you.

We will cover several safe and effective herbs that you can use in your daily life. Learn treatments for the common conditions you see in your family. This is a 5 part course with over 15 class hours. You will learn the nitty-gritty of using herbs in your kitchen and first aid kit.

We'll cover when and how to use capsules, tinctures and teas, and their proper doses. This online course includes access to a discussion group and numerous high quality handouts. Finally, make sense of the herb section at the health food store. We'll cover brands and help you find the best sources.

Just the right amount of course content to get you started and confident in using herbs for your health!