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Banyan Presents: Ten Little Known Ayurvedic Herbal Gems

Since ancient times, the herbs of Mother Earth have been used to heal and soothe. Safe and natural, yet powerfully effective, Ayurvedic herbal remedies are attractive choices for you, because you want to take active responsibility for your own health. Using herbs and spices in the time-honored Ayurvedic style gives us unlimited potential for improved health and wellbeing.

But Ayurveda sometimes seems so huge and complex that it may be difficult to know where to begin. Let's dive into Ayurvedic herbalism with ten of the most valuable Ayurvedic herbal gems—when, how, and how much to use them.

If you are less familiar with these traditional churnas, make them part of your Ayurveda repertoire today. If they are already pillars of your successful practice, take your knowledge deeper and plumb the depths of the range of these ancient medicines.

In this video, learn how to successfully support healthy stamina, sleep, libido, a pain-free body, and a super-strong immune system. No one should be without the 10 essential Ayurvedic herbs!


This webinar is sponsored by the wonderful people over at Banyan Botanicals.

K.P. Khalsa, trained in a traditional Ayurvedic apprenticeship, has been using these formulas in clinical practice for 45 years. Take a deep dive with him into the hidden secrets of traditional Ayurveda and cutting edge herbalism. K.P. Khalsa sits on the board or directors of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and is the recent past president of the American Herbalists Guild. He is the first American to be board certified in both Ayurveda and herbalism.