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Rosalee de la Forȇt

Rosalee de la Forȇt is passionate about helping people discover the world of herbalism and natural health. In her clinical practice, Methow Valley Herbs, Rosalee enjoys working with a wide variety of people to solve their health problems.

Rosalee is also very dedicated to herbal education. She teaches internationally at herbal conferences, and guides enthusiastic herbal students in her popular mentorship program. For the past five years has also been an herbal consultant to LearningHerbs.com.

Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH (AHG)

Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH (AHG) comes from a background as a clinical herbalist, educator, and ethnobotanist. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild and formerly held the position of Coordinator of the Appalachian Center for Ethnobotanical studies at Frostburg State University.

Prashanti de Jager, MS, EMT

After earning degrees from the University of Michigan in the fields of Math, Engineering, Biophysics and Emergency Medicine and studying numerous adjunct healing modalities in Ann Arbor, Prashanti moved to India in 1990 to study Advaita and the Vedic Sciences including Ayurveda, Vastu shastra, Yoga, Jyotish, etc. He experienced the very good fortune of a decade of sitting at the feet of epic paragons like Sri H.W.L.

Betsy Costilo, M.S., CNS, LDN

Betsy has always been drawn to the healing arts and the natural world. She began her self-study of herbal medicine in 2001, reading anything and everything she could on the subject of plant healing, and taking classes wherever she could find them.

Drawn by her desire to be closer to nature, she attended the University of Vermont and completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Ecological Agriculture, focusing on forest gardening with wild edibles and medicinals.

Gwen Nagano, LMP, AWP

Gwen Nagano is an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, Licensed Massage Practitioner, and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. She has studied throughout the US and India, with many respected teachers including Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath, and Dr. Sarita Shrestha.

Janet L. Hall, ND, RH. (AHG)

Janet L. Hall has a Doctorate in Naturopathy, is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Certified Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, and Emotional Facilitator, as well as owner of the Alternative Wellness Center. Janet has been a Practitioner for sixteen years and loves her work. She feels there is no greater reward than seeing her clients regain health in all aspects! “I love treating those who truly want excellent health, functional lifestyles, and helping them to reach their goals and dreams, as well as those who wish to regain hope of having optimal quality of life.”

Ashok Bhandari, ND, MSA, CKTI

Dr. Ashok Bhandari is a Naturopathic and Ayurvedic physician, and is also a Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor.

Dr. Bhandari has completed extensive training in nutrition and nutraceuticals, herbal medicine, physical medicine and sports medicine, environmental medicine and therapeutic detoxification, exercise physiology and strength conditioning, and mindbody medicine and biofeedback.

His background spans from training professional athletes as a strength and conditioning coach, administering exercise training programs for cardiac rehabilitation patients, to teaching professional level courses on exercise physiology and prescription to various medical students and doctors.

Dr. Bhandari is also the co-founder of Dynamic Health Professionals, a company focused on creating accessible and useful educational content for medical professionals and the general public.

In clinical practice, Dr. Bhandari focuses on constitutional and Ayurvedic medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications, injury and pain treatment, cardiometabolic health, digestive health, and environmental medicine and therapeutic clinical detoxification. He also lends his expertise as a guest lecturer on topics of natural medicine, therapeutic exercise, as well as Ayurvedic medicine.

Glen Nagel, ND, RH. (AHG)

Dr. Glen Nagel is one of the most notable experts in botanical therapies in the field of naturopathic medicine. “My personal goal has always been to be the most versatile and well rounded, botanically focused naturopathic doctor that I can be. I strive to develop an understanding of herbs from the seed to the clinical prescribing of botanical medicines. I have a deep love and respect for the healing herbs and strive to teach others about them.” In addition to using botanical medicines, Dr. Nagel focuses on nutrition, homeopathy, and detoxification.

Sherry Domer, BCHN

Sherry has a BS in Athletic Training and Exercise and Sports Science from the Pennsylvania State University. Because of her own severe illness, she became intensely interested in natural medicine; studying holistic nutrition, herbalism, and homeopathy. Sherry currently is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and clinical herbalist. She operates a private practice along with teaching both community classes and Holistic Clinicals at Hill College as a guest instructor. Her website, RedeemingVitality.com, is meant to educate and bring hope to those that suffer with chronic illnesses.

Sherry Domer, BCHN

Dr. Joshua Rubinstein, ND, BS

Dr. Joshua Rubinstein is a graduate of Bastyr University where he received his postgraduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Previous to his education at Bastyr, Dr. Rubinstein attended the University of Puget Sound where he received a B.S. in Biology. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Rubinstein is also a professor at Bastyr University.