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Professional Herbalist Course - Year 1

The demand for trained herbalists is growing and many are making a full time career in herbal services. This course helps prepare students for professional membership in the American Herbalists Guild. This course is a tremendous opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to consult privately, or in a clinic, work in the dietary supplement industry, in a health food store, herbal import/export, education, or just to be a healthier person. Instructors include K.P. Khalsa and IIEI faculty.

Professional Herbalist Course - Year 2

For those seeking advanced training as professional herbalists, the IIEI offers a second year of the Professional Herbalist Course. The second year focuses on evaluation and assessment techniques and clinical application. It presents more in depth information on European, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese herbal traditions. Instructors include K.P. Khalsa and IIEI faculty.

Advanced Professional Herbalist and Nutritional Skills Course

As herbal medicine grows in popularity, there is more demand than ever for knowledgeable and qualified practitioners. Attend this hands-on, professional-level course, to give yourself vital clinical experience for starting and running your own clinical practice. During this course, you will participate in the ongoing treatment of real people with real cases.

Ayurvedic Detox Retreat

Our day-to-day lives are full of stress, eating on the run with little time for self care. In this hands-on retreat you will collaborate with other retreat participants as you move through a weekend of detoxification, rejuvenation, and healing.

Ayurvedic Spa Treatments

Experience a relaxing and informative spa class, where you will feel the beauty of Ayurvedic massage and spa treatments.

Beyond Ashwaganda: Little Known Uses for Ayurvedic Herbs

Don't just settle for the same old humdrum Ayurvedic herbs. There's a lot more where that Ashwaganda came from.

Culinary Herbalism: Your Medicine is in Your Pantry

Let your food be your medicine. Even better, cook your medicine into your food. Learn to prepare tasty meals that tune up your health.

Diets for the Doshas

Each of us is unique. As different as our body type is, so, too, are our nutritional requirements. Ayurveda recognizes this, and emphasizes the correct diet for each individual.

Family Herbalist Certificate Program

Become the expert your family turns to for basic health advice for common problems. After taking this course you will be prepared to be the herbalist for your family’s common health maintenance needs.

Fibromyalgia: Natural Healing & Clinical Pearls

In this in depth class, we will cover fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) in detail, from disease overview and causes, to lifestyle and diet considerations to natural therapies.