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Journey into Chinese Medicine

Course Dates: 

March 13, 20, 27

April 3, 10, 17, 24

May 1, 8 and 15

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Class Details

Journey into Chinese Medicine

Join us for an introduction to one of the world’s oldest traditional medical systems.

Curious about Chinese Medicine and need more information to use it at home? Our outstanding faculty will help you master basic diet, lifestyle and herbal regimes to treat disease and stay healthy. Maybe you are a natural health advocate who wants more depth to your lifestyle suggestions for yourself and your family.

If you are hoping to explore the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this affordable 10 session course is for you! The series offers a broad overview as well as a solid groundwork to jump start your journey into the ancient practice of TCM. No prior related education is required—all the necessary skills and training will be covered in the program to become a proficient and confident home user of TCM herbs, diet and lifestyle. Organized for maximum flexibility for your schedule, this online course will include practices you can apply in your life from the first session.

This series is practical, not about deep theory. Use what you learn the next day, in real life. It is for smart, evolving people. If you are a health teacher, life coach or the family herb expert, add TCM to your repertoire. If you are a parent, bring ancient wisdom to your family. If you are an elder, teach your grandchildren how to stay healthy.

This full program of 10 online class sessions will cover the most important details of the TCM life.

Join us to dig into

  • Nutrition and cooking for healing
  • Herbs to get healthy and stay healthy
  • Lifestyle routines for energy and a calm mind
  • TCM treatments for common diseases
  • How TCM complements your healthy lfestyle

You are invited to contact the lead instructor, K.P. Khalsa, if you have any questions about the curriculum, or want to learn more about how this program will support your life goals.

Times: The online program will be 5PM to 8PM, Pacific time, 8PM to 11PM, Eastern

Location: You can take the course online from anywhere in the world!

Cost: $250

You can be part of the course live or get the recording 24 hours after each class and listen and watch on your own time.