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Herbalist College

Professional Herbalist Course: Intermediate Module - Online

This course incorporates practical, clinical applications and herbal preparations for Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. The focus of this course is herbal therapeutics, specific healing properties of several individual herbs not included in year 1 and basic principles of herbalism from these three major traditional herbal healing systems.

Fire in the Belly: Cutting Edge Natural Treatments for Digestive Disorders

Every natural healing system puts digestion at the top of the list for concern, and for good reason. Everything that goes into the body for everyday nutrition or therapy has to go through the digestive filter, so it is critical that the entire system function properly.

Treating Pain and Insomnia with Chinese Herbs

You will learn the most effective Chinese herbal pain, and insomnia medicines - how to use them, when to use them, and where to get them.

The Herbal Medicine Chest

Safe and natural, yet powerfully effective, herbal remedies are attractive alternatives for those who want to take active responsibility for their own health.

Treating Autism with Chinese Herbs

Natural Chinese remedies, notably herbal therapies, are quite beneficial for the symptoms of autism and its associated difficulties. With more and more children suffering from autism, join us to learn more about treating autism with Chinese herbs.

Fibromyalgia: Natural Healing & Clinical Pearls

In this in depth class, we will cover fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) in detail, from disease overview and causes, to lifestyle and diet considerations to natural therapies.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Workshop

Feeling gloomy, depressed, out of sorts? Are you lacking the zip to move forward?

Family Herbalist Certificate Program

Become the expert your family turns to for basic health advice for common problems. After taking this course you will be prepared to be the herbalist for your family’s common health maintenance needs.

Culinary Herbalism: Your Medicine is in Your Pantry

Let your food be your medicine. Even better, cook your medicine into your food. Learn to prepare tasty meals that tune up your health.

Nutritional Therapy Program

This series of classes is for health professionals and individuals with an avid interest in combining science (biochemistry and nutrition) and natural, drug-free medicine. Nutritional Therapy is also a great value added for health-industry small business owners, such as naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists.