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Led by one of the foremost natural healing experts, K.P. Khalsa, you will find the International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI) offers a variety of online and in-person holistic health courses for beginners to advanced students.

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Spring Season and a Healthy You

Ayurveda is all about balance—how to know if you have it, how to achieve it and how to keep it. One of the most important things you can do to stay in balance is to keep in tune with the calendar. As the seasons slide by, our body's needs also slowly change. To address this, Ayurveda has come up...

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How to Make Traditional Yogi Tea with K.P. Khalsa

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K.P. Khalsa gives a demonstration on how to prepare Yogi Tea :-)

Testimonials from Students

I am writing to express to you how much I appreciated your instruction this past term in Bot Med III. You speak modestly but with authority, from experience, and you shared with us the quintessence of a life in healing. Especially your materials, which were always posted on Moodle on time, respecting us students by the materials' admirable organization and layout, that accomplished communication and not simply rote exposition.
-- Carmen Ionescu

I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoying the Nutritional Therapy classes. I wish I could be there for the live webinars, but, among other reasons, it's simply more effective time-wise if I watch the replays. I like to start and stop the video continually so I can take notes. Thank you for being so clear with the Chinese Medicine unit. I have had such a hard time understanding it in the past, but your teaching makes sense!
-- Dana Dryg