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Led by one of the foremost natural healing experts, K.P. Khalsa, you will find the International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI) offers a variety of online and in-person holistic health courses for beginners to advanced students.

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Warming Herbs from Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Herbs
In Ayurveda, herbs are the foremost medicines. They are taken for acute illness, to prevent disease and to maintain balanced health. Still, to be sure, their use depends on precise self assessment. And these distinctions, while perhaps unfamiliar to us here, allow Ayurvedic consumers to...

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Beyond Ashwaghanda - A Webcast With KP Khalsa

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Don't just settle for the same old humdrum Ayurvedic herbs. There's a lot more where that Ashwaganda came from.

Testimonials from Students

I am completing my final session of Nutritional Therapy and have previously completed two years of Herbalism study receiving Advanced Herbalism Certification through PCC. I have found these classes to be informative and a solid foundation of Ayurveda and TCM health approach. Especially helpful has been learning basic concepts of herbal energetics and considerations of personal energetics. I have appreciated your approach in sharing personal experience in the real-life world of Herbal and Nutritional Medicine. I have also personally experienced many great benefits enhancing my personal health with your suggestions. I am looking forward to ongoing learning in the herbal and natural health field and transforming my vocation allowing me to share this knowledge with others and participate in the opportunities in the natural health field now beckoning me to join.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience , and being open to do so through online technology, which made the classes practical for me. I look forward to meeting you at some point as I participate in a Nutritional Conference and/or an Herbal Symposium.
-- Terri

I found the face reading course very interesting and helpful, glad I signed up for it. I look at people differently now, it also improved my understanding of their problems and possible solutions for them.
-- Heidi