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KP Khalsa and International Integrative Educational Institute - We are the integrative healthcare specialists

The International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI) is an herb school that offers:

  • Online and in-person courses and webinars

Led by one of the foremost natural healing experts in North America -- K.P. Khalsa, you will find our herb school offers a variety of in-person, and online courses, with courses for beginners to advanced students. Our classroom courses are offered across the country at a variety of locations.

Course Offerings
For beginning herbalist training, the IIEI offers the Year 1 Professional Herbalist Course, which meets part of the requirement for herbalism training by the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). For intermediate students perusing the study of herbs, the IIEI offers the Year 2 Professional Herbalist Course, and if you are looking for a mentorship, K.P. would be happy to work with you.

The IIEI also offers a variety of Ayurveda training courses, retreats, and Advanced Professional Herbal Skills. Please see the upcoming courses page for further details. If you would like a personal health consultation with K.P. Khalsa, please click here.

Upcoming Courses

Date: September 26 - December 5
Location: Online
Date: September 28 - December 14
Location: Online
Date: October 2 - November 6
Location: Online Webinar

Featured Articles

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage
India’s traditional healing system, Ayurveda, is making a splash, or, well, more like a splatter, in the world of American massage and bodywork. It’s a hoard of outstanding, effective, thoroughly proven techniques that help people get healthy and stay healthy

Featured Videos

Professional Herb Course Presentation

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Lead instructor KP Khalsa give an overview of the Professional Herbalist Course. This talk was given at Portland Community College (PCC), which is one of the locations where this course is held.

Testimonials from Students

I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoying the Nutritional Therapy classes. I wish I could be there for the live webinars, but, among other reasons, it's simply more effective time-wise if I watch the replays. I like to start and stop the video continually so I can take notes.

Thank you for being so clear with the Chinese Medicine unit. I have had such a hard time understanding it in the past, but your teaching makes sense!

Thank you!

Dana Dryg

Thank you for doing the face reading classes. I have learned much from it and find myself looking at people much more closely. I believe its time to absorb the work so I will become more proficient. In a few months it would be nice to pick up and keep moving forward since you have more info on the topic.

I’ve had some trouble identifying myself, but today at least one aspect of me came to light. I’m a bit geeky on multiple levels including fashion J I’m also more intelligent than my adoptive parents gave me credit for being. To make it worse, I went into a profession that supports and demands more education and perfection. I ask someone once what am I to do once I’ve earned a PhD and they just looked at me like what are you talking about. There’s no further education past the PhD except to earn more PhDs—not for me.

Crowds terrify me, standing in front of an audience terrifies me, but I can do it and I can become somewhat comfortable with it. I’ve got stuff to overcome and I’ve been looking for ways to pull myself out of behaviors that done serve me well. This is a good way for me to learn who I am better than I do. Self-awareness allows us to heal our own issues. if I can help myself then I can help others become more the person that they want to be. This is a counseling skill that is within my scope of practice so if I have the skills I can help others reach more life satisfaction. That’s what I want out of life—to make the world a better place to live in and help other’s achieve more life satisfaction and joy.

Thanks again,