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Led by one of the foremost natural healing experts -- K.P. Khalsa, you will find the International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI) offers a variety of online and in-person holistic health courses for beginners to advanced students.

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Announcing a new book by Mary Roberts and K.P. Khalsa! It's titled:

What's Possible? Ayurvedic Odyssey: The Year Yoga Changed My Life

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Date: December 21 - December 23
Location: Online
Date: January 3 - March 21
Location: Online
Date: January 7
Location: Online

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Spring Season and a Healthy You

Ayurveda is all about balance—how to know if you have it, how to achieve it and how to keep it. One of the most important things you can do to stay in balance is to keep in tune with the calendar. As the seasons slide by, our body's needs also slowly change. To address this, Ayurveda has come up...

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Beyond Ashwaghanda - A Webcast With KP Khalsa

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Don't just settle for the same old humdrum Ayurvedic herbs. There's a lot more where that Ashwaganda came from.

Testimonials from Students

"I would just like to thank you for the opportunity of studying with you. It is an awesome and valuable opportunity and has already helped me immensely. I only wish I had discovered your school sooner, but I am glad that I have when I need it most."
-- Av

"Working with KP was truly the pivotal course in my path in holistic nutrition and herbalism. His course allowed me to take all of my education and bridge that knowledge with hands-on clinical work with class. His course gave me such confidence that after the first weekend I was out getting clients! Furthermore, there is no way I would have been prepared for the American Herbalist Guild Registered Herbalist application without his clinical course. The course not only prepared me to be able to complete the application confidently and with skill, but without this course I would have been completely lost and overwhelmed (and most assuredly unsuccessful!). I really appreciate KP and the other teachers taking the time to adequately train competent clinical herbalists and nutritionists. I will mirror the structure of this course in any training I do with my own students."
-- Dr. Lori Valentine Rose (PhD)