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Led by one of the foremost natural healing experts, K.P. Khalsa, you will find the International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI) offers a variety of online and in-person holistic health courses for beginners to advanced students.

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Cold Remedies from Chinese Medicine

herbs cold season
How much more miserable could you be? Your nose is running. Your muscles ache. Your head is pounding. It’s the cold and flu season again, and the bug’s bitten you, but good. Don’t just lie there defenseless, there are natural cold remedies that can help. So, let the centuries-old healing power of...

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How to Make Traditional Yogi Tea with K.P. Khalsa

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K.P. Khalsa gives a demonstration on how to prepare Yogi Tea :-)

Testimonials from Students

Sadly I wasn't able to join on the day, but have just finished listening to the webinar and it was amazing and wonderful with lots of information and easy to follow solutions and ideas. I loved it and could listen to it again and again because with so much information, you can always pick up a tidbit of something when you watch and listen again. Thank you for including me.
-- Francine Gough

Both the Holistic Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Herbalism classes have gone beyond my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed every course so far. Every class is chock full of interesting, useful information, backed up with research and KP’s personal experiences as well. The presentations themselves are visually impressive too with stunning photos and clear succinct information, not to mention KP’s personal stories and anecdotes. KP is extremely generous with providing all class notes, pdf.’s and any extra related information as well. Prior to taking courses with KP, I had completed my Ayurveda Practitioner academic training, but in the short time that I have been taking classes with KP, he has given me confidence and taken my knowledge to a whole new level. I feel very fortunate to have found KP and his courses. All in all, just amazing!
-- Tamara Anguiano