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KP Khalsa and International Integrative Educational Institute welcomes you!

The International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI) is an herb school that offers:

  • Online and in-person courses and webinars

Led by one of the foremost natural healing experts in North America -- K.P. Khalsa, you will find our herb school offers a variety of in-person, and online courses, with courses for beginners to advanced students. Our classroom courses are offered across the country at a variety of locations.

Course Offerings
For beginning herbalist training, the IIEI offers the Year 1 Professional Herbalist Course, which meets part of the requirement for herbalism training by the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). For intermediate students perusing the study of herbs, the IIEI offers the Year 2 Professional Herbalist Course, and if you are looking for a mentorship, K.P. would be happy to work with you.

The IIEI also offers a variety of Ayurveda training courses, retreats, and Advanced Professional Herbal Skills. Please see the upcoming courses page for further details. If you would like a personal health consultation with K.P. Khalsa, please click here.

Upcoming Courses

Date: March 2 - March 30
Location: Online
Date: March 7 - November 28
Location: Online

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Featured Videos

How to Make Traditional Yogi Tea with K.P. Khalsa

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K.P. Khalsa gives a demonstration on how to prepare Yogi Tea :-)

Testimonials from Students

KP’s understanding of the modern human condition and strategies to heal are profound. He seamlessly combines his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and modern medicine with his vast wisdom of herbalism, nutrition and the ancient healing arts. He is a living encyclopedia of natural medicine with his finger on the pulse of modern scientific research. It is rare to find a teacher who shares their clinical insights in the way that KP does—with such generosity, practicality, intelligence and humor. The gems I have learned from his classes, books, lectures and articles would have taken me years and years of clinical practice to discover on my own. I feel truly blessed to have access to a practitioner with his level of experience, as working with KP has given me new levels of confidence and competence. If you are like me, and seek to move beyond theory and get some real world, practical and profound clinical training, then look no further than the master Karta Purkh Khalsa!
- Mary-Alice

"This is a highly informative and educational course. The students gain not only expertise, but also confidence and experience in the proper use of medicinal herbs. By the end of the three quarter course, the students are qualified to open a professional practice, teach, consult, or work in other fields related to herbal medicine."
-- Sandra Buskirk

The Nutritional Therapy Program has been transformative and exceeded my expectations, thank you so much!
-- April Waters